Obama’s Afghanistan Decision

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew. – Albert Einstein

What is Obama saying when he commits another 34,000 troops to Afghanistan while talking about an exit strategy in the same breath?

“We haven’t killed enough of our children.”
“We haven’t traumatized enough of our young men.”
“We haven’t stolen enough from the citizens.”
“We need to placate the morally sensitive.”
“We need for people to forget about Iraq.”

The contradiction between committing more troops and announcing an exit strategy is rather startling. How is it that an escalation of violent force is going to cause the violent response to decrease? Has that ever happened in the history of mankind where one or both sides did not end up dead?

I have no idea exactly what would happen if the troops were withdrawn, but I can tell you this: adding bodies will only add to the ever-increasing cost of this war. I’m not talking about the money that’s been stolen (past, present, and future) but the even greater cost of children who must grow up in a household with an adult who has been paid for murder and who almost certainly has not received any sort of counseling as to why they landed in the military in the first place or even to what they’ve participated in as part of the bloody machine.

Violence cannot be used to solve problems that arose from violence. It has never worked, it does not work, and it will never work.

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