As a society, we like war. We like murder. We love the violence and destruction.

We don’t like to admit it–in fact, we run from admitting it, we fog, we evade, we cover-up, we do everything short of admitting that we really, really like to solve social problems by pointing guns at people.

We like to dress up children in uniforms, give them guns, and tell them it is good, right, just, and moral to kill. We like to complain to our leaders about how our chains chafe us, and we beg and grovel for the chains to be loosened just a tiny bit, oh please, just a tiny bit.

We like to attack those few daredevils who cause us to feel anxiety when they talk about living a voluntary life on the grand scale. We like to shame them, as we once were shamed.

We like the violence.

We like to attack our children, filling them with rumors and lies and deceptions about the nature of reality, saying to them that what they see is not truly what they see, but that invisible things are real, and good, and just, and moral.

We like the violence.

Why do we have war?

We like the violence.

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