No American Patriots Have Died In Any War, Ever

There has never been such a thing as a war in which American Patriots have died.

There has also never been such a thing as a war in which the Enemies of America were defeated.

Why is this?

Because America does not exist.

“America” as an entity, or as a thing–as something that exists objectively in the real world–does not exist. There is not a thing you can point to and say, “This is America.”

But what about the people? Surely they are America?

Sorry, the people who are called and believe themselves to be Americans are not objectively different than those who are called Englishmen, Afghanis, Japanese, or Australians. If you were to examine the DNA, you would find no gene or allele for “American”.

But what about the land? Surely that is America?

No. If you took a rock from America and examined it in a laboratory, you would find no characteristic called “Americanness” by which you could say that this rock was objectively different than a rock that came from anywhere else in the world, or the universe.

But what about the buildings and the cities? Surely all of those are America?

Again, no. Building architectures and city plans do differentiate cities from each other worldwide, but there’s not an objective difference that makes a building “American” or a city “American.”

The only reason any of the above are called “American” is because people believe it is. You don’t have “America” in any of the above–you have people doing things in cities and buildings on the land.

There is absolutely no objective difference between a person doing something in his home in New York than another person doing something in his home in Yakutsk.

America is a fiction just like God or Zeus.

The fact that nearly everybody believes it is real does not make it so.

The only people that have ever died in any war throughout human history are people who have been broken so very early on that they no longer remember what it was like to have a will, pride, honor, respect, or integrity of their very own.

They subjugated themselves to a “higher whim” that they dared not question. However, no such “higher whim” has ever existed nor ever will exist.

Beliefs in these fictions–god and country–have caused deaths in the hundreds of millions in recent centuries, if not billions throughout the course of human history.

The fact that none of these things have existed, currently exist, or ever will exist through the course of human history just leaves one question:

Do you wish for me to be shot if I do not believe the same things you do?

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